We are the family of God, redeemed and transformed by Jesus, called to live on mission in our culture. We exist to make much of Jesus, to pursue one another in love, and to better our city with the love of Jesus.


Core Values

Perhaps a better term would be our Core Commitments because while we often say we value something, it becomes clear what our true values are by what we are committed to. At GCP we believe that being a disciple of Jesus boils down to three core commitments: Jesus, Family, and Mission. These core values not only help us define what the church is but they also inform how we live our lives, make our decisions, grow in faith, etc. If everything else we did were to be stripped away, Jesus, Family, Mission would still remain as the foundation and core identity of who we are. 

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It’s all about Jesus. It always has been about Jesus. It always will be about Jesus. We believe that all of scripture makes sense only in light of Him. Forgiveness of the past is only available in Him. Hope for the future is available only through...

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We are God’s people made in His image for the sole purpose of glorifying Him for all of eternity. We are called to be one body, whose head is Jesus, and who live not for ourselves but for one another and for Jesus. Our attitudes, actions and...

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We believe that the church has been given one mission: make disciples of all nations. This means that we have been called out as missionaries to challenge people to be followers of Jesus wherever we are. Each of us has a...

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If you resonate with these values or you would like to get to know us a more to see how these values play out in our lives, we would love to get to know you. 

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Our Story

Gospel Community

A gospel community is a group of Christ-followers who have committed to intentionally pursuing Jesus, loving one another, and bettering their city. Before we decided to start a new church we were faithfully participating in an incredible church body. Our church body was passionate about loving God, growing in community, and reaching out with the love of Christ.

A group of us were gathering regularly each week to spend time in God's Word and we began to feel a sense that getting together once a week for a Bible study, while good, was simply not enough. We knew that Jesus had called us to so much more and so with much prayer we began to explore what that was supposed to look like.

It was during this time that we asked ourselves what life would look like for us if we were to view our little group as a church plant in our community. As we began to articulate what we wanted to value and look like we concluded that in order for this to be possible our little gathering would need to make a wholehearted commitment to three things: Jesus, Family, and Mission. We had no idea at that time that God was putting in place the foundation for an actual church plant in another part of the country.

Sometime in the Fall of 2015 as our small family began to grow into a larger one, the Lord began to reveal to us what it was that He was calling us to. While it wasn't clear right away, Jesus was giving us a burden for making disciples and building gospel communities. 

We believe Jesus is doing a work both in us and in our world. He is calling men and women to stand up and truly make a difference in their culture. By God's grace, we long to be a part of making a difference in our city. 


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