The Bible


We love the Bible! While some people may find it archaic or out-dated, we believe that it is very relevant, life-giving, and actively changing the lives of many people around the world. Below you will find a few resources that we have found helpful as we read and study the Bible. These are not our resources but they are free to use for anyone who would like to learn more about what the Bible is about and how to best understand and apply it to our lives.


The Bible Project

Tim Mackie and his team at the Bible Project have taken the complex and sometimes complicated aspects of the Bible and brought them to life in a new way in their videos. They have a core belief that the Bible, in its entirety, tells one unified story. Some call it the Meta-Narrative, others simply refer to it as the "True Story”. Tim and his team help to show how all of the Bible ties together to tell this one true story.



Read Scripture

In partnership together, Francis Chan and the team at the Bible Project have put together a helpful Bible Reading tool that will guide a reader with any level of Biblical understanding through the entire Bible. Their free app contains a helpful, chronological Bible reading plan along with expertly placed Bible Project videos to help any reader make sense of what they’re seeing.



YouVersion Bible App

The YouVersion Bible App is put out by the team over at Life Church. The app contains many different translations of the Bible as well as plenty of diverse reading plans to fit any need. In addition to that, they also have a fantastic kids app that brings the Bible to life for your kiddo’s.

We utilize the YouVersion Bible app for our gatherings to provide lyrics, notes, and other helpful information for our guests to follow along with.



The Gospel

The word “gospel” simply means “good news.” What’s the good news, though? The good news is that everything that is broken and wrong in our world is being made new in Jesus Christ.

We believe that in the beginning, when God created everything, it was perfect. There was no evil and no brokenness in our world. Yet, our great grandparents (Adam and Eve) chose to try and define good and evil for themselves rather than trusting what God had told them. Their rebellion caused a rift to form (death literally means separation) between us and God, creation, and one another. Since then humanity has tried time and time again (without success) to cover their sin, shame, and brokenness on their own and, much like Adam and Eve’s failed fig-leaf clothing, have discovered their attempts inadequate. No matter what we do, we cannot the find peace, satisfaction, and restoration that we all long for in our own efforts.

Here’s where the good news comes in, however. God, knowing that we would never be able to make things right in our own efforts, instead of leaving us to our own devices, stepped into the story to make things right Himself. The Bible teaches us in Romans 5 that, while we were still His enemies, Jesus died for us (paying the penalty for all our wrong-doing) and made a way for us to be brought back into that perfect relationship Adam and Eve enjoyed in the garden before the fall. His resurrection (which we celebrate each Easter) not only secured his victory over death but was also the first of many “resurrections” to come as those who were living in death and darkness stepped into “new life” in Jesus.

Having restored that most important relationship with humanity, Jesus invites us to join Him in the restoration of all things. The Way of Jesus is the way of the “Upside-Down Kingdom.” Jesus is the King who reigns not by force and fear but by love. The Way of Jesus shows us that it’s not enough to just love our neighbor, we ought to love even our enemies. As those who have been given life when we deserve death, we ought to be the first to offer grace and love to those who deserve otherwise.

The team over at the Bible Project have put together an excellent video to help us understand what this “good news” looks like. Take a look: