Generosity is a key aspect of being a follower of Jesus. We don't need to look much further than Jesus himself to realize that God is calling us to live our lives with radical generosity. When we truly understand that everything we own has been given to us by God himself (James 1:17) we start to realize that we are stewards of those gifts and God invites us to generously bless others with the gifts He has given us (1 Cor. 6:20). It is in the releasing of our material possessions that we reminded of where our true treasure lies (Luke 12:34). 

Our desire is to be as transparent and intentional with the resources the Lord has given us as possible. We recognize that the gift you are giving is to Jesus and the work that He intends to do in Providence. We see ourselves as stewards of this gift and know that we will one day give an account to Jesus on how we used His resources. If you have any questions about giving or how these gifts will be used, please feel free to contact us


There are a few ways for you to give:


Please make your checks payable to Gospel Community Providence. 


We utilize the services of Aplos and WePay to process our online donations. Please click the "Give Here" button below to be taken to the donation portal. 


You can utilize your CashApp account to send a donation to @gccprovidence. Please make sure to put your email address in the "For" section if you would like a tax-deductible receipt at the end of the year. 


If you have another donation that you would like to give, please contact us at