We’re glad you’re here!


At Gospel Community, it’s all about Jesus!

Our hope is that when you come, you will find a Family of Christ-followers who are devoted to Jesus, passionate about living out the “One-Anothers” of scripture, and actively working to bring the good news of Jesus to life in our city.

Whether you’re a long-time Jesus-follower who is looking for a faith family to belong to or just checking out this Jesus thing for the first time, we hope you feel welcome here! We are all on the journey of faith and we promise that you will find no perfect people among us (except Jesus!).


So, what are the gatherings like?


House-Based Church

Right now we have two different kinds of weekend gatherings going on. Three weeks of the month we gather in a home and spend some time in worship, community, and scripture. These gatherings are informal, open to anyone, and try to reflect many of the house-based churches we see in the New Testament (1 Cor. 16:19, Col 4:15, Philemon 2).

You can expect a little bit of time to get to know us and enjoy some great coffee and food, then we will circle up in the living room and spend some time in prayer, singing to Jesus, and talking about a passage from the Scriptures.

| 10:30a Sunday Mornings (Three weekends a month)

public space Church

At the end of each month, we gather in a rented public space for a more formal worship gathering. These gatherings are still being developed and honed in so don’t be surprised if they feel more informal than you may be used to. We promise we won’t do anything to embarrass you or call you out. You’re welcome to participate in whatever aspect of the gathering you feel comfortable participating in.

As with the house-based gatherings, you can expect a little bit of time at the beginning to get to know us and enjoy some coffee. Then we will gather for some prayer, singing, and some teaching from the Scriptures.

| 6:00p Sunday Evenings (Once a month)




Will i be asked to give?

We do invite our church to express their generosity as the Lord has blessed them, but giving is not a requirement and we do not expect our guests or visitors to participate. We believe generosity is a joy and that we have been blessed to be generous with our time, talents, money, and resources. Read more here

What about the Kiddos?

We offer free optional childcare for children 3 and under during our services. Our childcare volunteers are background checked and easily accessible to the parents.

As we are working to develop our gatherings, we are looking forward to creating safe and fun spaces for our older children to take part in where they can be with others their age and learn about Jesus in age-appropriate environments. As of right now, we welcome these children into our worship gatherings and believe that it is a blessing to be able to worship alongside our kids and model for them what the church gets to do both on Sundays and throughout the week.


Let us know you’re coming!

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Children 3 and under only

What’s going on throughout the week?

We believe that church is not a building or an event that we attend but rather a people called out to be followers of Jesus. Life throughout the week is generally a combination of organic relationships and intentional mission. Throughout the week we gather in Gospel Communities to share a meal and to have some more in depth discussion and community. Our Gospel Communities prayerfully determine how to best love their community and serve the people around them.


What’s next?

For more information about what we do throughout the week or month, check out our Rhythms.