Our Rhythms


Rhythm (noun)

  • a regularly recurring sequence of events, actions, or processes

As a church we have determined to create and take part in meaningful rhythms throughout our daily, weekly, and monthly lives. These are rhythms that we believe enable us to pursue Jesus well, care for one another intentionally, and love our city actively. We invite you to explore and join us in any of the rhythms that resonate with you.




Once a month, as a church, we gather together to meet a practical need in our community. This is a rhythm we are still developing but our desire is to leave our community better than we found it! | Select Saturday’s @ 10am


Starting in April 2019 we are gathering once a month in a public space for worship, community, and scripture. These are simple, no-frills, gatherings open to anyone who would like to get to know us better and check out what worship with us looks like. | Last Sunday of each month @ 6pm


Once a month we gather in each other’s homes to eat a great meal, laugh, play games, and just take time to get to know one another a little better. These are no-pressure, open to anyone, nights where we hope to establish life-long friendships and relationships. | Last Wednesday of each month @ 6:30pm




When we are not meeting in a public space, we gather in the home of one of our church members for a weekly time of worship, community, and scripture. These are intentionally scaled down spaces designed to help us see that Church is not a building or an event but rather a community committed to intentionally living the Way of Jesus together. | Sunday’s at 10:30am

Gospel communities

These smaller groups gather mid-week to share a meal, dive deeper into each other’s lives, and the discuss the scriptures together. We seek to create a Family environment where people are known and can know each other beyond the superficial. Discussions range from conversations related to the weekly sermon to pre-selected books that we read together for personal growth. | Times Vary

Rest & Play

We believe the Scriptures call us to work hard as unto the Lord (Col. 3:23) and to not forsake a regular and meaningful times of Rest (Mk. 2:27). We challenge one another not only to pursue times of “Sabbath” but also to intentionally give one another the gift of rest whenever possible. Since each life situation is unique, each person is faced with the challenge to learn what rest looks like for them. In any case, we seek to have a regular rhythm of rest on a weekly basis. | Times Vary




Just like with any person, a relationship that is not kept up with begins to fall apart. We believe that God is not a distant, un-relatable, and aloof being but rather a personal, loving, and interested God. By committing ourselves to a daily rhythm of prayer and time in the scriptures we get to deepen and develop that relationship.


Most of life tends be rather mundane. When we were growing up, not every day in our homes was a trip to Disney Land, so also in our daily lives today, things tend to be more mundane. But this is not a bad thing! We choose to see the everyday mundanity of life as an opportunity to live with gospel intentionality. Some of the most mundane things (like chores, grocery shopping, taking a walk, or eating) when done with gospel intentionality, transform into meaningful moments.


The chorus being sung throughout all of the scriptures is that of being blessed in order to be a blessing (Gen. 22:18; 2 Cor. 1:4; 9:11). We are meant to be a “blessing people”. Our longing is that those who know us are blessed beyond measure from that relationship. This takes many forms and is unique for every one of us. Whether it be speaking an encouraging word over someone or paying a utility bill, we seek to be known as a people who bless others daily.


Everyone eats. Most of us eat three meals a day and never think about how these meals can be opportunities for us to bless, know, and just be with others. We seek to intentionally eat our meals in community with others throughout the week.




At various times throughout the year we gather for a time of open discussion and dialogue that is out of the normal rhythm we already have. These are open to anyone to join and can be a single day event or a multi-week event.


Whether it’s a couple that is engaged to be married or a family that is struggling with a specific issue, we believe that counseling can be a helpful and deeply biblical way of working through that situation with the help of others. Some counseling sessions are only one meeting, whereas others take multiple weeks to work through. While some counseling is simple enough and can be done just by being in community with others, some situations are much more difficult and require special attention. When necessary, we refer others to a professional counselor in town.


We believe that there is one universal Church that takes many forms in our communities. We love to partner with other churches in town in ways that help to further the Kingdom of God and bless the city of Providence.


At various times throughout the year we set aside weekends to get away, rest, play, and re-evaluate our rhythms and goals. Whether it’s our annual church retreat or a Sabbath weekend, we love the opportunity to step back and see things from a different perspective.