Who we are


We are the Family of God, redeemed and transformed by Jesus, called to live on mission in our culture.

We exist to make much of Jesus, to pursue one another in love, and to join Jesus in his restoration of all things.



a gospel community is…

A Gospel Community is a group of Christ-followers who have committed to intentionally pursue the way of Jesus, faithfully love one another as family, and diligently seek to prosper their city. In other words, a Gospel Community is actively devoted to living out the greatest commandments (Mt. 22:36-40) of loving God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving their neighbor as themselves. 

One author once said that if you ask a non-christian what a church is they will tell you that it's a building - it's a place we go to when we're getting married or buried. If you were to ask a Christian, however, what a church is you will tragically get what sounds like an event. Many Christians seem to cognitively understand that the Church is the "Body of Christ" - the people themselves - yet we functionally end up living our lives as if Church is an event we attend on Sunday mornings and a program we take part in every now and then. 

It was out of these two tragic misconceptions that we realized that, for many people, Church had lost its meaning and purpose. Yet the Church that the New Testament describes is so much more dynamic and meaningful than just a place or an event. It's a community of people who have been "called out" from their homes, cities, and cultures to be different and set apart. It's a collection of people who have been transformed by God and have devoted themselves to following the Way of Jesus. It's an ecclectic family of people who are passionate about joining Jesus in his redeeming and restoring work in the world. 

We believe that all of this can happen (and has been happening) in Gospel Communities since the formation of the church at Pentecost some two thousand years ago. In the Fall of 2017 we decided to start a journey of forming a family of Gospel Communities here in Providence, RI known as Gospel Community Church.

Our hearts desire is to form a community of people who longed to live out the Way of Jesus in their everyday lives, not just on Sunday mornings. Who live their lives intentionally in their pursuit of Jesus, the Family of God, and the Mission of God. And who leverage every aspect of their lives to make much of Jesus.